Saturday, June 7, 2008

Cro Saves a Crow

Yesterday I was watching a lecture on TED about the intelligence of Crows. It is actually pretty amazing stuff. So the timing of my experience the next day was a bit creepy.

I have a large number of Crows that come and go around the shop and my house. I like to think that they have some spiritual connection to me and my shop, but it is probably more so that they like the yard, my high roof on the shop, and the big tree. In any case, today I woke to a group of Crows in my back yard making a ton of noise. I watch 3 on my roof hop around frantically. Then I noticed a lone Crow on the ground, looking normal, under my avocado tree. As I waked closer he hopped away lifting his wings a bit and I noticed his/her left wing was not working to well. Any other bird I would have left or put it out of its misery, but these little fuckers are smart. I thought if I got it out of my yard and to a larger area to roam a bit, it just may have a shot. So, I cornered the little bugger and took him/her off to the local
park where there was plenty of room to hopefully heal.

Those wings on the door are friendly wings.

Long live the Crows!

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