Sunday, June 8, 2008

Talented, Generous Friends

Unlike most other art forms, one of the beautiful things about bike building is the generosity of friends. My good pal JD Sansaver of Big Sky Moho is one talented dude. We first met doing some visual effects work for a film back in 03. He had this totally hand made motorcycle wrapped around a Honda Rebel motor! I saw it and promptly said, " I gotta meet this dude."
JD rode with us on the EDR 08 on his totally crazed, hand made 79 sporty. The bike took best of show. Check out the details on

Not only did JD hand make most everything, he did all the leather work on the bike. He was kind enough recently to do some killer work on my seat for the 66. SICK!!

Since the EDR we have been swapping time at each other's shops, trading welding, fab work, whatever. JD was also a huge help wrapping up Will's " Hood Rat " bike pre EDR as well.

And of course we RIDE!

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