Thursday, June 5, 2008

Uncle Jack

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Uncle Jack playing Elvis.

Every summer growing up my Dad would load all of us kids, 7 of us, up in the family cars and head to Georgia to visit with my mother's side of the family. We loaded up the 55 Chevy Cameo pickup and the 54 Chevy 2 door and headed down the road. We would visit with all the extended family living all over central and south Georgia. By far, the best times I ever had was visiting with my Uncle Jack. They lived deep in the country hills outside of Atlanta. My Uncle Jack is as country as they come. A son of a farmer, Jack lives on the same property he was raised since the age of 4. He has the biggest heart of any person I have ever known. A story teller,farmer, horse trader, land owner, you name it, he has done it in the country. A self made man as jolly as the come. The most amazing, and educational times I would have was when we would climb in his truck and he would just ride all over the country dirt roads telling us stories along the way. Before we knew it, we were hiking off in to the woods to some moonshine still, or a civil war grave site, or native am. graveyard... it was amazing.. No state parks, no cornered off fences, just these historical landmarks in the middle of the woods. This was just a small part of the experience when visiting him.

Back in 02 I decided to go up and spend some time with him cause I hadn't been there is such a long time. I rode my bike up from FL. Although I had no intentions of creating a film, I carried my little hand held video camera just to shoot random stuff. While visiting him, I would turn the camera on and sit it in my lap and film him with out knowing. I'm not really sure why I did that, other than to share it with my siblings. When I looked through all the footage I though that I had really captured some great stuff that said a lot about what a character he is. The genuine article, salt of the earth. It doesn't get more real than this guy. These kind of people are a dying breed.

I cut some random stuff together for no other intention of sharing with family. The footage is in and around his property and of him driving and telling stories. The audio is poor, sounds better with headphones, but there are lot of great moments here. The first brief audio is talking about his father and his father's friends that were vegetable farmers. The second section is him talking about bluegrass music that he goes to see every week out in the woods. I went to a show with him once, and it was some of the most amazing music and players I have ever seen. Deep country people, playing in a shack for no other reason than the pure joy of it. The real fucking deal.. so hard to find these days.

The last parts are brief moments with his boyhood friend Shorty. Shorty's family abounded him and a really young age, Jack's father literally found Shorty living in a corn field for weeks and took him in. Shorty has been working for Jack for ages and lives in a house with his wife and 3 children across the street. Jack gave him the house. Shorty is a story in and of himself.

Anyway, there is a big story to be told about these two, but my little character short, as it turns out, gives you a glimpse in to how amazing and beautiful my Uncle Jack is.

I've showed him the video and he got the biggest kick out of it. ' Damn, you pulled one on me boy.. I didn't know you had the camera a goin".

I love ya Uncle Jack
He is truly one of a kind. enjoy

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