Saturday, July 26, 2008

Good People in S. Central LA

We just finished tweaking some things on Jim's bike and 15 min later I get the call. "Dude, some asshole in a cage made a left right in front of me, my bike is trashed." "How are you?" I say. Thankfully, Jim is in one piece, banged up pretty good, but doing ok.
A point of interest to those that don't live in LA. South Central Los Angeles is not what the TV shows make it out to be. Yes, there are some knarly areas, but in general there are a lot of great people. Jim, a tall, very white dude, alone, riding a chopper, T-bones a woman making a left in front of him. Within seconds, there were several locals helping Jim out, calling 911, bringing him blankets, and get this, telling the cops what happen. 'Get that bitch" a few said. Once I showed up, a couple cats helped me put the bike in the back of my truck, I slipped them a 20 for the effort.
Don't buy the hype on the tube, there are a lot of great people in LA, and a lot of great people in South Central. I love LA. We needed to rebuild this bike anyway.

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