Friday, July 25, 2008

Loud Fast Ruler! Photo Dave..

One of the few blogs I look at everyday is Dave's. Always something cool up there and besides being a motorcycle hero, he is a hell of a photographer. He really captured all the people of last weekends Chopmeet. We often get consumed with the gear head stuff and forget the people behind all that cool shit. Everyone of these people ( except me ) puts a smile on my face. Seeing the pictures Dave took made me smile again. Ok, sappy shit over.. Check out Dave's blog NOW. Loud Fast Rules

photo by Chopper Dave
This is Kio, the most under rated bike builder on the planet. He IS Garage Company, this crazy fucker built over 25 bikes last year, and KILLER ones at that. The nicest guy you will ever meet. One of my favorite cats!


  1. wow, thats pretty damn cool!

    and what IS your girls name, so i can add it!

    I know I have been formally introduced but i suck and i forget names...

  2. Yeah, I am bad about names too..

    My girls name is Kristin, she is hella cool as the say up north.. an Hawaiian hotty.