Monday, August 25, 2008

Josh Kurpius

There are very few photographers out there than can capture all of the experiences of riding. It is hard enough just to shoot a picture while you are blowing down the road. Josh Kurpius not only shoots the pictures while hanging off a bike, he captures all of it like few can. Josh is a young photographer that literally immerses himself in the scene and manages to get amazing shots others can't. If it's shooting while doing 90 down the road, or snapping shots in the middle of the mayhem at the local hangout, Josh captures the beauty, the speed, the bonding of friends and moments in time that last forever. This dude, has a bright future. Check his stuff out! Josh's website Josh's myspace

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  1. get me that very first image of you caleb - I am gonna make that my next painting! get it as HIREZ as possible...gonna make it 10 foot by 6 feet....oh yeaaaaaaaaaaah