Sunday, November 16, 2008

Rolln DiCE in Vegas

I always love being on 2 wheels, but the ride from LA to Vegas is not the most enjoyable, now add on a dozen dudes on old bikes and a 4 hour easy scoot turns in to an 8 hour cluster fuck. All in good fun of course. It wouldn't be a ride with out a few stories to tell and a couple road side adventures.



Brake linkage snaps, going down hill, no front brake of course. Kill switch on magneto snapped as well. After I let him bump my rear tire to slow down a bit, in to the run a way truck lane he goes.. worked like a charm and he didn't even dump it. Nice

So barbed wire was ripped from a road side fence, and off he goes.


Riding bitch!

Choppers have gone to the dogs.


  1. Pretty fancy ridin` to get that feller stopped!! Hope he brought a spare pair of boxers- I bet he needed them after the dust settled!

  2. That dog looks way better than that nerd on the green machine!

    Great ride, great company.