Thursday, January 29, 2009

FTF! Critical Mass, HD Waters it Down

I wont even post this on my site, and god damn, Yaniv? Come on man! My old helmets and vans are out the window! PUKE! You'll have to go to Biltwell Blog to see it.


  1. Caleb, don`t fret! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Admittedly, marketing a "lifestyle" is nauseating when done like HD is doing it with the video. But its totally predictable. I bet the new bike sells well, even in the recession were in. You (and the other serious masters of bike building- Kimura, Edwards, Schaaf, a bunch of guys in Japan, etc) need to keep building like you have been. People who count know the real deal from a copy and a poser from a fake.

  2. In my earlier comment where I wrote "poser from a fake" (what??), I meant to say "poser from the genuine article". I need to do my drinking after I write ,not before!

  3. Was surprised to see Yaniv in this as well... Maybe the check was just right...