Monday, January 26, 2009

Wow, Original Idea ... cool

With all the saturation of "cool it's retro" and the obsession with the late 60's biker scene, it's rare to see anything really original. I mean, it's all been done. Punk, Skate HA 69, lace paint, spring Bates seats, upsweeps. Even the cool bikes are getting cookie cuter-ish. The contradictions are endless. I've seen so many sweet bikes with 18' rear wheels, upsweeps, and skinny sissy bars, that they could have been built by any number of dudes. Critical mass is near. Its nice to see something that uses the old, with the new, and throws in a little satire to boot, even if it is just a ad in a mag. Brilliant!
hint, read the upper left.

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  1. Spot-on, my friend. Especially; "Even the cool bikes are getting cookie cuter-ish."