Sunday, May 31, 2009

Back to the Beeeatch!

So, the plan was to roll up PCH to Ventura, then roll down to Garden Grove in the afternoon. The weather was a typical "June gloom", a bit chilly, overcast, kind of sucked. But, any day on two wheels is a good day. Long story short, by the time we made it down to Malibu and stopped off at Dukes for a bite and booze we were just enjoying the ride so much that it just didn't seem right to jump on the 405. Well ok... we were just to liqured up to ride, so we just hung out at Dukes and enjoyed to view till we could kick the scoots over.

Splittn lanes.

Riding the white line.

Matt's float was sticking, puking gas out of the over flow. Some road side surgury and we were back on the road.

"Were're in a tight spot."

"I wish my wife would let me have a bike."

It's rare to see a Cameo, and this was a nice one.

Nice "club style" Pan at the show.

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  1. looks like a good time with good friends nothing beats that love your blog cro