Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bends, Making Do

I have a box full of worn kicker gears. I save shit for "art" projects I never get to, but I found a good use for a couple gears.

I also like to collect small old things, one because I just love old shit, two because at some point I find some use for it. My new jockey shifter is the end of an old roofers hammer. The wood is nice and warn, the metal has years of nicks and scratches. I dig it.

Got bends?


  1. Shop Truck,Yeah right....
    The Beam must inspire like peyote. I'm headed to the liquor store.

  2. you crazy!!!

    nice artwork

    Beam me up, Kemosabe

  3. As Buck would say " Let me tell ya what ya need to do!!! Your doin it! LOL Kooky! Need to get his shovel up..........cockroach Ya Dig?