Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad

Today I lift my glass and "take a snort" for my Dad.

E.C. Owens, he would have been 85 today.

Dad and his 3 ladies.

Some bits of wisdom from Dad.

"It cost money to live son."

"Why wipe your ass when you're only gonna shit again" He told me to pick up a shirt on the floor, and I told him I was going to wear it tomorrow, at which time he responded with that gem.

"Don't get worked up in a FYURrr ROUR" (furor)

"Ahh.. HORSssss Shit" General response to most war movies, and love scenes.

"You aint dyin'" General response to most wounds not requiring a blood transfusion.


  1. 85!! Wow!! he also used to say "BALLS!!!" when ever he lost a fish or dropped a wrench. He was a good man, and I miss him alot! Kinda scary some of us look and act a hell of a lot like him!! He was a real Man though. Love him very much.

  2. Semper Fi, O.E. Here's to you.

    You raised a good one with that Caleb...

  3. Dads rule. yours was top notch with that. my pops had a quadrary theory it involved women and why you need at least four. he didnt ride bikes but if he did, he would have had four. monkey dont fall far from tree......