Wednesday, June 10, 2009

2009 Sporty gettn chopped

The Dice boys talked JD in to chopping this "donated" brand new HD. I managed to side step this one, although I'm sure I'll give JD a hand when he needs it. I helped him pull it apart, after we put a few miles on it of course. I think it had under 50 miles on it when we put it on the lift.

Holy monkey tits do these things have some crazy wiring set ups. There are some cool little deals on them though. The fuel injection unit just drops in the under side of the tank, and it has a snap release, like an air line, for the fuel line at the tank. The rear master cylinder is hidden behind the rear motor mount with some cool linkage to actuate it.
The rims would look cool stripped and polished. The frame tubing is 1/4' wall! Heavy duty shit.

2009 sporty parts anyone?

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