Thursday, June 18, 2009

Alex O's First Ride, HOLD ON!

Ok, I just ate more words today. I've never been a fan of sportsters for a lot of reasons, and I wasn't all amped up about building one either.. BUT, and a big BUT..... I was shocked at how much power this little bike had.
Kio wired the bike up for me. He did an outstanding job by the way. Me and JD rolled over to pick it up. JD rode it back to the shop. As we were pulling out, I saw JD give it a little to much throttle and a little to much clutch, it almost got away from him.

After riding all these old bikes for so long, I got on this thing and gave it throttle that would barely get my 66 out of the garage, and this thing alomst pulled me off!! Holy monkey tits!! This thing is fucking dangerous! And it sounds dangerous!

I called Alex and the first thing I said was, "Holy shit!" Alex said, " I'm coming over." He walked in to the shop, fired it up, and was off like a bat out of hell. We were wondering if he was even going to come back. Upon his return... " Holy Shit!!"

It was a pretty basic build by most standards. With a massive amount of help from JD, we got it done in about 4 weeks or so. No frills, bare bones, fast fucking chopper! That's what it's all about, even if it's an evo, sporty.

Old FLH oil bag.

JD's coil mount! Don't ask how long it took.

Tank art by Kio.

Alex diggn the scoot and rocking the Bitwell lid.
Big thanks to Biltwell, JD, and Kio


  1. eye heart sporties. Stoked to hear you're warming up to them, too, Caleb. Thanks for the juice

  2. I'm happy Alex loves his new bike, outstanding job!! But since I'm a fan of him I also hope he's not going to hurt himself with this helluva ride.

  3. Very cool - have a great ride, Alex!

  4. The bike looks amazing, great job, but I agree with Sabine, I am a little worried, Alex be careful!

  5. Alex! Your bike is hot but damn, remember we want you in one piece!
    Nice ride, nice body (the bike's fine too!)
    Hey I'll see if my hubby will trade you his newly rebuilt 47 knucklehead.

  6. Thanks for posting these gorgeous photos
    Alex, you are so sexy on your amazing bike. Take care anyway :-)

  7. Oh my GOD! Alex, tattoo and byke? My dream come true...
    I love you Alex, I'm Waiting Three Rivers and Back up plain. Kisses from Brasil.

  8. Alex on his bike looks so cool and sexy. Thanks