Friday, June 12, 2009

Frankday, Zappa's drummers, Terry Bozzio

I got in to Zappa at a really young age, when my brothers were listening to 8 tracks of Apostrophe and reciting lyrics after they got baked. When I got a little older I was drawn to the music, the drummers in particular. Over the years I have followed all of Zappa's drummers, and other players after their Zappa years. The influence of Zappa is so big that I think at some point maybe 20-50 years from now someone will finally document it extensively.
Anyhoo, one of my favorite former Zappa players is Terry Bozzio. Since Zappa, in the late 60's-70's Bozzio has been all over the musical spectrum, but for drums, he has done something no other drummer has done since Max Roach, he's made the drums muscial and a melodic instrument.
Bozzio composes symphony like works just for the drums. His kit has grown over the years to accommodate his musical expression.

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  1. Oh come on thats Nuts and then it doesn't show him play it. Ok I'll google it to see the action. Pretty cool.