Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Shop Truck

Last time I posted about getting this 76/78 FLH running I was stoked about no leaks.. Well, sure enough, after about 50 miles or so I got some nice white smoke out of the rear cylinder. DAMN! Pulled it apart again and saw that I basically had a shitty head gasket. Right at the oil passage the gasket had torn and a nice flow of oil was getting in the the cylinder. Just in case, I took the jug over to Gerrik at Kelly's and we noticed that the rear piston was running a little tight. He honed it out another 1/1000 for me. I got a set of good metal rimmed Jims gaskets and put the bitch back together... So far so good!

Me and the girl took a nice afternoon scoot over to the Marina and had some happy hour margaritas!

The HUGE battery will go away soon.

Fender off of a 1%er's basket case I scored up in San Jose.

Yeah, it's a bottle opener. This thing is built for purpose!

My chick loves the shocks and the high sissy bar.



This is NOT the proper way to lift a dumped bike, but I got it up and my welds on my bars held up.


  1. Perfect, the ultimate utilitarian two up runner.

  2. drunk again.... huh

    what's with the curly cue wiring?

  3. the curly cue with the gator clip of the mag is the kill switch. I know... GAY!

  4. love the juice-o-matic...classy!