Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sturgis 09: Avoiding the Status Quo ( part 2 )

I generally avoid the "major" organized rides simply because they tend to bring out the douchbags, so I was very apprehensive about the Sunday ride honoring Sugar Bear and Micheal Lichter. I would have totally avoided it if it weren't for being personally invited by Micheal and the chance to ride with The Bear. So we headed over the The Spoke and met JD there. While they were gathering folks we enjoyed a drink and the indoor entertainment.

I always get a kick out of these dudes that grovel like they've never seen ass before. Of course while others were taking blown out flash photos I plopped my camera on the bar for a birds eye shot.

My friend Mike thought I was a genius.

We ran in to Josh and his sick sporty. Man this thing looks better in person! Jr, from Jr Cycle Parts also had a nice scoot there. Big Ben had his rig and some killer bikes parked out front. Seemed like a good vibe out at the Spoke.

Lining up to head out for the ride. I've seen this chick 3 years in a row and I swear she wears exactly the same clothes. I almost ran her over last year when she ran out in front of me on Lazzalle. God bless her, she rides but man that bike is hideous, it matches her blouse though.
Finally on the road. Josh is a sick boy on this 10 foot long monster. Blowing down the road shooting photos like it's second nature. Check out his shots at Kemosabe and the Lodge. In general there were mostly good people on the ride, but there were a few major douchbags to be sure. One bozo on a red puke, twinky, custom, was riding in and out of people, going against the grain at a gas station stop, hot rodding around, total schmuck. On the way back in someone ate the pavement and I was wishing it was him.

About 5 or so miles out from the destination, JDs scoot was spittn and poppn something fierce. This is were the douchbag contingent was most notable. We slowed down to get to the side of the road, one asshole flipped us off, and almost the entire pack behind us just kept going. Not one person stopped. Later, a few folks stopped and offered assistance. So, me and JD pulled the plugs, running rich, clean them up, pulled the bowl, cleaned out some shit, checked the points several times, chased the ignition wire.. no luck.. maybe jet it.. Finally I said did you change the condenser... "I did like a few days ago.." well, lets putt back and just for shits and giggles lets change it and chase the ignition wire again.
Back at the Spoke I ran in to Steve "Brew" dude and we recruited him in to the iron head repair team. Brew is as real as they come. He hung around problem solving till the last minute and was actually late for an apt because he was helping JD out. Stand up dude! After going through the same process we did 10 times, Brew stumbled on a short at the condenser wire. BINGO!! JDs on the road again. All in one small trip we went from "look at all these assholes", to totally forgetting about them and grinning from ear to ear about how cool Brew is.

So, we roll on down towards Deadwood. As we slow down to Main Street, JD waves me to look behind... oh shit, PoPo's got the lights on. While we had had a few drinks we were totally sober so no worries there, but with these old scoots you never know what these cats will write you up for. Turns out, JD was wanted in 4 states.

Just kidding!

JD turned his glasses up and the cop pulled us over, gotta have eye protection. The PoPos were totally cool and while standing there we shot the shit for a good 15 min and even met some cats from east LA that were ready to get our backs should things go down. HA
In this case the South Dakota troopers were totally cool and gave JD a warning and even put up with me fucking with them.

JD making friends.

Me acting like an ass.. For my money, SD Troopers have been very fair and cool.

more to come

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  1. very fun read, looking forward to more!
    oh, btw, it's "mouse eye shot" lol
    love my t-shirts, thanks