Monday, August 10, 2009

Sturgis 09: Avoiding the Status Quo, Searching for Something New ( part 1 )

At the end of 08, a Sturgis trip in 09 wasn't really on my mind. A few friends were rumbling about making the ride, like they always do, but I wasn't really in to the ride to be honest. Nothing gets remotely interesting till you get to Utah. Having ridden these roads a million times I was looking for something new. Now don't get me wrong, I don't need any real reason to get on two wheels, but the long haul across Cali, Nevada, and AZ, just wasn't calling my name. I wanted something a little different.
As it is every year, time and money were always on the list of topics discussed regarding a trip. My chick actually started pushing the issue about the trip, then I mentioned it to JD. JD was up for it since he had never been.

Camp site at Deer Creek

We really didn't know exactly how much time we would have till the last second, so we decide to truck it for two reasons. One, JD didn't think his iron head could make the trip, and two, there was no way I would get my chick on the back for the entire trip. So, we packed it up and decided to blow in to Deer Creek Utah for a few days of camping and riding, then head on in to the Sturgis area and ride as much as possible in the Black Hills.

The Shop Truck is the pure work horse! I love this bike! I was hauling fire wood, groceries, women, and booze, in the rain, mud and muck, the entire time blowing past the posers like they were standing in line for a Frapachino. Only had to get the moister out of the mag one time. This bitch earned her keep.

JD and his bitch Niki, Deer Creek

My goal this year was to find some roads I'd never been on both on the way and in the Hills. While in the Black Hills I just pointed at a map of any road that wasn't main interstate and went for it and I'm glad I did. But, on the way back across Utah I found the holy grail of motorcycle rides in that part of the South West. More on that in the coming weeks.

Hiked up to the Bridal Falls

In the end the trip was fantastic, plenty of great riding, hanging with good friends, seeing some old ones and discovering new places.
Say what you want about the mayhem of poserdom at Sturgis, there is so much to do and see, and outside the sea of do0rags there a lot of great people to connect with.

More to come.


  1. Hell yeah...... I've never had so much fun in sturgis! Just stay the fuck away from town and keep on the dirt roads and things are just fine!

  2. your livin the life! MAN, I fuckin jealous!

  3. Try the Nebo Loop the next time you're riding through Utah. Starts in Payson and after nothing but beautiful mountains it ends in Nephi.

    Th Bridal Falls are pretty sweet. You should see it during the winter.