Sunday, September 27, 2009

Born Dead

I'm not much for riding south from LA, the 405 sucks, PCH is stop and go with PoPo's ready to hassle you, but, there were choppers to see, burgers to eat, and beers to drink. We did the rounds at the Cycle Zombies show then over to the Born Free show. You'll see a zillion pictures of the show on all the other blogs so I didn't bother taking any pics of that, just some low key riding shots.

Meet up at Tokyo 7-7 in Culver City for the cheapest breakfast in LA. Under 3 bucks!

Matt and JD posing for the ladies.

Troy on his Seattle Pan.

Man o man, how sweet is this? Nikki on her Kawi! Seen her a million times all over the net and mags, never gets old. She is even cooler in person!

Lane splittn behind the Orange curtan.


  1. that was such a good time! I love that breakfast place.. best deal in LA. I need a shop truck for the 405 .. that is one bumpy road to be riding without shocks or seat springs... I'd do it all again tomorrow though!