Monday, September 21, 2009

JD at the Bar

If you haven't noticed yet, JD, my shop mate, brother from another mother, and all around fabricator extraordinaire, has been posting things to the blog. JD and I met many mango seasons ago working at a visual effects company called Digital Domain in Venice Ca. DD, as it is affectionately called, was co-founded by James Cameron back in 93-94 and has gone on to win a few Oscars as well as kill many brain cells from their legendary parties.. Anyhoo.....
JD was working in the model shop, where they make all those cool miniatures that get blown up and shit, and I was working on the computer graphics side of things. Any free second I had I would roam around the model shop and bug dudes about all the killer machines. A lot of them would bug me about computer shit cause unfortunately most of what they do was going all CG. I wanted to make models cause it was cool and tangible, they wanted to do CG to keep a job!

JD behind the bar of course

When JD and I met, I had this stroker shovel I would ride to work and on occasion JD would bring this nutty Honda Rebel chop. I asked some dude in the model shop " Who built that thing?"
I bugged JD for a while about doing some bike stuff, but he was to busy making art cars for Burning Man, or making a mono wheel machine, or Yurt, or whatever... Years later we crossed paths at a Dice part in Culver City and here we are, swapping shop time, making cool shit, and riding as much as possible.
So, keep a look out for JD's postings, he makes more things than we drink Beam.


  1. Wow! Thanx for this rockin piece of history! I appreciate posts like this, I'm a history nerd. And, ever since I saw the cool Star Wars miniatures when I was 7, a huge special effects & science fiction movie buff. Here's a video that blew my teenage mind in '85. Sorry, I'm having a TMI moment, but hey there's a chick in it ... and cans ;)

  2. You guys are so gay for each other. It's adorable.