Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Kiss my Stainless Bass

Last weekend I went riding and camping around Lake Cachuma. Did a little tour of the wine country, stopping in Los Olivos. This massive stainless steel sculpture of a large mouth bass was outside a shop. The metal work on this thing was insane! Each scale was an independent piece of steel and the detail was amazing. Even the texture of the head was pounded in the metal. Very impressive and a LOT or work.
I got a card for the shop owner. Admittedly a bit cheesy, but still an amazing amount of work and very well done. Ed McBride's website.


  1. That kinda shit impresses me too. Sure youre good with metal, but at what point do you think "I need to build a giant fish"?!?

  2. Caleb, I'm really, really high right now and have been studying this fish for like a half hour. absolutely unbelievable.

  3. awesome! thanks for finding and sharing!