Thursday, October 1, 2009


Been busy, so I'm slacking on the posts. Just picked this bad boy up a few nights ago. Been sitting for 3 years in a garage! It's not a 55 Cameo, but I love it. Original straight 6, runs great! I am stoked!


  1. nice score and 10-4 good buddy

    owned a '66 stepside straight six fer years.

    great year trucks!

    not gay....

  2. Now that is a quality ride ...!!

  3. I've got a 63 C10 big window. Love those trucks!

  4. Is that a shortbed? My dad inherited a shorty from my Grandpa in '81. The OD read 100,000 plus and was broken. Hauled a race car and ATC's for years with it. Gave it to my brother in 86-87 or so. He dropped the front painted it red himself and tricked out as much as a high school kids could afford,. Sold it around 88-89 or so. Still see it running around town, it's a work truck now, rad paint is all faded. The original in-line 6 used a roll of toilet paper for an oil filter, pretty fucking rad. Love those trucks.