Monday, October 26, 2009

Bluegrass in LA, Dr. Ralph Stanley

Last time I saw a real bluegrass show was with my Uncle Jack outside Douglesville GA. We drove a few miles of dirt road to a tin shack, sat in car seats out of old V8s and listed to the most amazing players you've never heard of. So, to see the legendary Ralph Stanley in LA was a HUGE treat. He is the Robert Johnson of "old timey pickn and singn". We sat third row center! Just plain awesome. He doesn't play much banjo these days, but his voice and sense of humor are as sharp as ever. I would have taken pictures, but no cameras! bummer.

The opening act The Cherryholmes, were fantastic! Check em out, they are a family from Cali ripping up the bluegrass scene. The eldest daughter has a voice that will make a grown man cry.


  1. Dr.?

    nah, the high priest of high lonesome!

    read the NYTimes article last week, good stuff.

  2. BG is sooooooo damned good!! The whole gang went out to Douglasville at the reunion and just had a "knee slappin" good time with Jack and Gail!!!