Friday, October 30, 2009

Frankday Dinah-Moe Humm Halloween 1979

Many moons ago I was seeing this girl that lived in west Hollywood, yeah, she was a girl, I checked, or it was some amazing surgery.. she was hot! anyhoo... One night we strolled down Santa Monica Blvd just east of La Brea to a little hole in the wall bar, I don't recall the name. As we walked in I could see that it as karaoke night, the one twist was, this was a gay/tranny bar! The dude/chick mcing the evening was done to the nines with full pink boa.
We sat down got a drink and enjoyed the entertainment. This girl I was with was a very good singer it happens, and I pushed her to get up there and sing, she'd have none of it. So, she says, I'll do it if you do. ME?!?! I have the voice of ... well... a butch tranny! So, I say, ok I'll do it if they have any Zappa tunes, thinking, there is no way they will have any Zappa tunes! Well, they had ONE tune, and it was this one, Dinah-Moe-Humm! I had to do it. I got up there in front of a bar full of trannys and flaming gay dudes and sang a song about a girl that bet some dude 40 bucks he couldn't make her cum! The looks I got were classic. My biggest fan was this skinny bar tender that was clapping and cheering, " You fucking rock" ( in the gayest voice you could think of).
My date sang, we drank, went back to her place and re captured my manhood.


  1. At least you retrieved your manhood right!

    Anyhow, my buddies lookin to run a 21 spool on his 07' narrow glide. He's lookin for a machinist, we live in Berdoo. If you can accomidate or know anyone who can?

    Didnt know how else to contact you...

  2. Its the Adams Apple that gives you away bruv

  3. Actually, they have surgery for that! Generally I look at the hands or hips, and if that doesn't work the dead give away is the penis.