Sunday, November 1, 2009

It's Gett'n Hot in Hear

I've been due for some bike troubles it would seem. I haven't been stuck on the side of the road for at least 4 years or so. Up till the Pismo run the Shop Truck was the king of all work horses. 1 or 2 kicks cold and I'm off to the races. About half way in to the ride to Pismo, I noticed my oil pressure gauge wasn't working, or that is what I was hoping. The needle was just sitting there. Those gauges always go bad so I reached down and felt the rocker boxes, not to hot, things feel, sound and look ok ( no smoke ). As the day went on in to the next day the bike was getting harder and harder to start.

I was in denial, I was pushing that the magneto was acting up. I'd check the points, spark, re time it, check the carb, blah, blah.. I knew in the back of my mind what was really going on. Well, long story short, the mag was ok of course. I left the gang in Pismo and road to a friends house, just as I am a block away the bike starts to overheat... dies! No smoke, no bad noise, no seizing, still has "some" compression. Get it home via the truck, pull the cam cover, pull the oil screen, no chunks of metal, good so far. Turn the bike over and over, notice no oil is pumping. Pull the pump its fine. Check the main oil pump drive gear with a flashlight, oooo, whats this, no C clip? Bad, ooooo whats this, no woodruff key?.. damn! Never had this happen before, spit the C clip off, slowly worked out the woodruff key.


So, my oil pump was probably working ( sort of off and on ) sloshing oil around long enough to get me to Pismo, running hot, but not so noticibly that it would overheat or die, just enough to start melding my rings and pistom walls together. Finally the key backs out and I have zero oil flow, overheats and I'm dead. Ahhhh the joy of motorcycles.


  1. good news is,,, that means you get to "better" your relationship with the fellows @ garage co. right?

  2. HAHA, Kiyo is already my best bud, plus I only take them balancing fly wheels and serious case repair. My boring and honing goes to Kelly's I do everything else here at my shop. Besides, Yoshi cuts no one a break! ;-)