Friday, December 11, 2009

833 rubber sporty

finely got to ride her
i finished the 833 awile ago but
there is allways a butt .

i didnt give the motor the space it needed for the rubber mounting .when you shift the motor bucks and it hits the oil tank and frame (fuuuuuck) and then i started to get buzzy at the paying job and there it sat as a reminder ,all looks and no go.
so i just brew over what the fuck im going to do about the fuck up. at first i think im totaly screwed . then after weeks go by i realy look at her and think of a few small mods that might work like putting a notch in the oiltank . but the frame seams like a bigger job .like total teardown .i dont want to just solid mount it .all the modern suff (rubber mounted motor ,fule injected, belt drive ,computor) was half the point of doing this bike .makin the motor ridged is out.
then i started to ask around .someone said maby i could use stiffer rubber and make new rubber mounts that seems like a lot of work, but i started to look in to it
most of the movment seems to be in the front mount so i start there .its the easyist to get to and verry litle to remove as i get in to it i think of a new and simpeler way .
the spacer is made out of delrin it a machineable plastic .the hole thing took a couple hours .i stuwed over it for weeks thinking the worst. so i put it back together , threw my helmet on and took her for a spin . felt great no more knockin butt those tiller bars take a wile to get used to
just in time for the dave man show in ventura .
i stressed over it for far to long im glad shes done


  1. rockn brutha! Lets get this sport-tracker done now!! ;-)

  2. There's always a solution to every problem. Awesome job. I'll be on the lookout for this scooter and looking forward to meeting you.