Thursday, December 17, 2009

Alabama Jacks and Card Sound, FL Keys

Alabama Jacks is situated off a small two lane road, Card Sound Rode, 20 or so miles north of Key Largo. Back in the early days, Card Sound Rd. was the only way to get south to the Keys. It's a gnarly, very narrow stretch of road that is probably worse than some of the roads down Mexico way. Weekends this place use to be nuts with 1%ers raising hell along side hard core fisherman.

I have not been back since this photo was taken in 03. This was early in the morning on a weekday. Me and my brother were heading back towards Miami.
There is a great old bridge built is 1926 going over the water way. It only gets used these days by locals, people bypassing the traffic on 1, and fisherman that know where the good shit is. My Dad use to haul us down there when we were kids in his old 55 pickup to go fishing. I remember sticking my head out the window to check out the giant bald eagle nests that were perched high a top the wooden telephone poles. Good times!

Old shot of Card Sound Rd.

Card Sound Bridge.
Card Sound Wikipedia

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