Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Standing Still?

Shot I took of street performer New Orleans Oct. 2004
The last couple of months or so things have been piling up on me. Been stupid busy with a couple of film projects and I have 3 bike projects that aren't getting the love they need. Now tack on all the little shit in between. My main computer is still on the shits and should be back up this week, I hope. Working on new shirt designs, parts, you name it, it's on deck.

In these times it's good to be busy, so I am thankful.

My Shop Truck is still down, I've been neglecting it in order to focus on client projects. I basically rebuilt the motor and it will be back together this week, hopefully in time to ride to the Mann show. The open road is calling my name in a big way.

Some much time and so little to do.

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