Monday, January 25, 2010


Matt Davis is a good dude, for a brit. Matt is my friend. Matt and I like to ride motorcycles. Once, me and Matt built a chopper together. We rode our chopper to Mexico and threw money at lactating hookers. It was fun. Matt owns a cool magazine called Dice.
Photo by Fredo
Dice just released issue 30! Go buy it.

This is my favorite cover so far.

I love you Matt.


  1. hey cro, just a question. are you guys planning to ride to laughlin in april? I will cross the ocean for riding the river run. send a line if you guys are going. perhaps there is some time for a beer together! cro custom rules! ice

  2. Hey Ice! Not really sure about plans in April, but if we do roll, I'll let you know.



  3. some friend, didnt even come to the release party in Duarte. I hear a really cool guy lives right up th estreet too.
    Kidding, missed you on Saturday!


  4. Yeah yeah!! I know man... I expressed my guilt to Matt the next day, not to mention missing the Larouche gang! I'll see you at the GNRS then

  5. When the weather gets better, bring your brit up here and I'll show you guys some sweet rides up here in the Sieras. Mountain roads and little gold rush towns awaits but leave the LaRouches at home. jk - Cary!

  6. Scotty, that wont be a problem, I'm the only Larouche who actually rides my shit. Sounds like fun, hope I can make it up there soon. My Pan should be done soon too.