Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ahhh, First Ride of 2010, Solo

I've been feeling like a caged bird for months now with all the hours in the shop playing catch up. I'm a rider first, builder second and I was just about to lose my mind. Saturday afternoon, after a long day of wrenching, I packed the Shop Truck with some warm clothes and headed up the coast. First real ride on the bike since basically rebuilding the motor. Runs great, back to a one kicker.

What a beautiful afternoon, low 70's dipped in to the 50's at sun down. So nice to feel that ocean breeze on my face. Stopped and watched the sun set in Malibu. Rode up over Kanan and crashed with family in Newbury Park. Took my time in the morning, enjoying breakfast, some family laughs and love. Headed out around 11:30 through Hidden Valley over to Decker down to PCH.

Couldn't ask for better weather. Warm, clear, sunny, just perfect. Man o man, did I need it.

Decker is a great ride, tight twistys, great views, very little traffic. Stopped off at Neptune's for a cold one. I probably hit this place a few times a year, way too many people and novice riders doing stupid shit, but, it's got a lot of history and you can't beat a cold beer on the beach after a perfect ride. For many moons I rode solo a lot, and this was a great way to start the new year. Just me, the bike, and the road. Amen.


  1. congrats.

    upper teens and snow showers here temporarily delaying my first ride of twenty-10


    frosty F I M

  2. I did the same thing .. well.. minus the coast road and nice weather.