Sunday, January 31, 2010

Grand National Roadster Show Saturday

Last time I was at this show was 4 years or so ago. It's tripled in size! The ride out on the 10 freeway really sucks, so I took a bit of a longer route to avoid the 10. Blowing down the freeway was a much needed release. I took some random shots, if you want to see the bikes and cars I am sure there are tons floating on the net, no need for me to repeat the same shots.

The show is very big, you need the entire weekend to see everything. Although there are lots of really superb cars, they are mostly trailer queens, not a lot of daily runners on this lot. None the less, it's a great afternoon.

Matt makes the cover of Biker Journalen. Nice one bruv!

Dean's Pan.

Yes, they were given straight razor shaves at one of the booths. I was tempted to sit down but the idea of a shave at a car show is kind of like getting a tattoo in a rehab clinic.

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