Sunday, January 17, 2010

Steve Morse Band Friday Night

I blew out the Canyon Club friday night and saw the Steve Morse Band. This is probably the 10th or so time I've seen them since the early 90s. Always an inspiring show. The crowds at these shows are always a hoot, hard core fans, mostly male guitar geeks. In Europe of course it's a different story.

The video is obviously not from friday night.

My first love is making music, bikes are a close second. In the mid eighties, two things changed my musical life, when I heard John Scofield's Loud Jazz record, and then The Dixie Dregs " What If". I was blown away at what these cats were doing.
Steve Morse was the founding member of The Dregs and is an old timer in the rock/fusion music world. Arguably in the top 5 of the greatest guitar players ever.
After geeking out on the musician stuff, I realized just how profound their choice of career's were. Steve can play anything, and he has, toured with Deep Purple, Kansas, etc. but he still plays this esoteric music simply because he loves it. It's rare you get to see an artist pushing themselves and all their abilities to the absolute limit and smiling all the while. Steve makes it look easy of course. What does this have in common with motorcycles? Nothing, and everything. Google Steve Morse


  1. CT native JS' 'Fat Lip' is a favorite ditty and had the pleasure of interviewing him on the air back in my radio days. good stuff

  2. I saw the Steve Morse Band open for Rush long ago, in support of Steve's first solo album. As a bassist, I remember not really caring if Rush even came out after seeing Jerry Peek play (Don't sweat it Geddy, you're still the man!).

    Later, I worked at a music store were Steve did a guitar clinic. He spontaneously challenged the audience to produce an unfamiliar piece of sheet music for him to read, supporting the point that not enough guitar players read well. He proceeded to sight read a 4 part Bach invention.

    Still makes me proud whenever I hear a Dregs song pop up on my teenage son's iPod rotation.

  3. WOW, I mean WOW!!! Dude I have defineatly been missing something here. I think you just ruined my shop plans for today. Now I got to go hunt down this guys shit and download it. It's like 3 piece Yes hit with a funk bomb. It seems like a lot of us bike freaks were in bands at some point in our lives. I like "nothing and everything". It's some kind of esthetics thing....let us not forget that bad ass bass master and crazy drummer. That was an awesome set.

  4. Hey Caleb! I worked at ErnieBall/musicman back in the early 90s. Steve wasnt just an endorsee but a good friend of the Balls and would come by whenever he was near SLO.

    The smile is not an act. He is probably one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. We were big into ping pong there and we knew when ever steve came in, it could stretch our 15 min breaks into 2 hour pong fests. (endorsees weren't denied much) He could seriously SMASH the shit out of the ball! Always a great sport win or lose,

  5. Very cool Scott! Many mango seasons ago back in Fl I had a chance to meet him at a local show, chatted for a long time, and you are right, very nice dude.