Monday, February 15, 2010

Alex O's Sporty Gets Dressed

Tore down Alex's sporty and had in chromed and painted as well as adding a few other bits.

I can't say enough about T. Markus' paint work. In a sea full of cats with spray guns, lace, flake and a library of 60, 70's chopper mags, Tony is a the consummate pro. These pictures do not do the paint justice. Flawless prep work, flawless paint and finish, absolutely zero BS when dealing with him. " So T. this is what I am looking for." No prob, have it to you in a few weeks, got a couple other jobs a head of you. I didn't have to hunt him down, hassle him or bribe him with weed. The job was done, and done right and more importantly, it is painted to last.

Biltwell's sweet risers.


  1. Thanks for the pics, the bike looks awesome!

  2. Just one more thing, it would be nice to have a pic of Alex riding his newly painted bike!!!

  3. Thank you. I love seeing Alex so happy and excited on his new and shiny bike!

  4. Thanks for this pictures, the results are very good and for that, Alex looks so happy and smiling with his new bike, I like a lot too.

  5. Love this bike!! My whole family is into bikes and Harleys for sure!! Love this and Im sure you look great on it!!