Monday, February 15, 2010

Douchery Saturday Night

JD and I rode out to beautiful Rosemead, east of east LA, to a fine establishment where they performed full body cavity searches before entering. You can't be to safe. Little did we know that we would ride home with serving plates strapped to the back of our bikes.

JD took 3rd least shittiest bike for the 883 and
I took second place for least shittiest bike, only because the dude with the iron head was a no show. Sweet!

I'd like to thank the Douche that gave me this, I would also like to ask the owner of this establishment to please take a day and clean the carpets!

My man Kiyo takes 1st least shittiest bike. I explained to Kiyo the best I could what a Douche was. He promptly withdrew as a prospect.

She rocks!

The Black Tibetans tore it up.
Photos lifted from Allen Hayden

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