Monday, March 15, 2010

Hiding Erl and Sparky

One of the biggest projects on this bike besides, everything, was the tank.
Because we wanted a peashooter type stance on the chassis we needed to sort out what to do about the oil and battery.

Originally we talked about the lower half of the right side being split and made in to an obvious oil tank. But the more I played with the idea the more we wanted it to look stock.

Oil tank sorted with vent and return. Feed is at the bottom. Pressure tested and ready to roll.

The battery was an issue. We knew that having a big black box hanging off the bike somewhere would look lame, so we decided to hide it.

I fabed a simple cradle and mounted off the frame. Since it's an evo sportster I wanted to use a stock battery. Also, you'll notice the oil line in the picture. That is the filler connected to a stock cap welded in the faux area of the tank. It will be slow to fill, but it looks cool.

Battery mounted.