Wednesday, March 24, 2010

JD gettn funky with the 84

I acquired this last year shovel from a close friend and club member up norcal way. Along with the basket 84 came a ton of loose parts. The deal was sweet as long as I promised to make good use of the scoot and didn't do something lame like build it and send it to ebay or overseas. Agreed. My plan originally was to build a stroked out dirt track style scoot, but other projects and time got in the way.

Every time JD and I would ride, one of his hand build bikes would always be drumming up some sort of issue. I would always say, "Dude, you need a runner!" After I finished my 76 Shop Truck for the soul purpose of long trips, camping, and hauling ass, JD saw what I was talking about. So in exchange for work on some bikes, I gave JD the 84 along with enough parts laying around the shop to get him going. I kept my word to my pal that the bike would have a good home and be ridden.

The challenge of building a runner is to keep it simple and just get it on the road. For dudes like JD and myself, it is even harder. We want to customize everything. It takes discipline not to chop something up. So far, he is holding it together.


  1. Common Runner, Yeah right.

    It'll be bad ass too.

  2. I'm having that same problem with my panshov. The idea was to just get it rolling while I tear down the ironhead..... once the ironhead was completely finished then go nuts on the Panshov. I spent all day on one fender bracket for the panshovel today. If it's worth doing... it's worth doing right I guess.