Monday, April 26, 2010

Gasser Deja Vu

Gasser Lounge has been promoting a bike night for the last few months and I finally made it out there Sat. night. Great little spot, good turn out of bikes and just a great night for a scoot. I didn't take any pics but click on the image below to check the place out.

I was tripping out. Turns out it use to be one of my favorite local watering holes when I lived in Redondo Bch.. Rebo's ( Sober spelled backwards.) was the spot where the serious local drinkers went. The space is probably no bigger than a standard master bedroom, there was one small juke box, one small bar, a few tables and that was it. Bare bones drinking establishment. You could get a serious drink for a couple of bucks, talk to folks that had been in the area for years! I met some amazing people in that place. 60+ year old native surfer cats, retired vets, old time local wrenchers. Salt of the earth folks.

As much as I liked the new Gasser lounge, It made me really miss Rebo's. These kind's of places are really hard to find. That cats at Gasser have done a great job keeping that old timey vibe with an updated feel.

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  1. sounds like rebos was my kinda place. gots more than a few of them ol' timey joints on my side of the map..... Burton's in West Haven, Colony Grill in Stamford, Johnny's in Bridgeport, Plug Uglie's in Manhattan.... shall i continue?

    thanks for the scoop!