Monday, May 10, 2010

Hi-Bond Modified - Shift knobs

From Rico

I've got some new goodies for sale, 3 fun shift knobs - just finished a good quantity so their ready for release
and no wait for shipping. also soon to be ready for
clean up, polish & mounting assemblies = NEW round
art deco'ish foot pegs.
? possibly in the works - a "hate" kit = air cleaner "linkert only" and foot pegs, matching.
its not my thing but people have asked for them & I've made a few one off's. allot of requests for "hate kits" with new soul ? so im seriously considering it..

thanks for looking RICO

Hi-Bond Modified - Shift knobs
cast aluminum & Brass. drilled & taped to the standard
3/8-24 of most jockey shifters.
you can order special size if needed.
as all Hi-Bond parts, they are Hand finished & no 2 are the same.

"power shifter" fist - alum. only. 3"1/2 tall - 3" wide. only weighs 1 1/2 pounds $45 + shipping.

"Hate shifter" swazi -Brass only - 1" 1/2 tall - 1" 1/2 wide
$50 +shipping.

"style shifter" - Alum. $45 - Brass. $50 + shipping.
3" tall -1" 1/2 wide

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