Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Look Back

We are on the home stretch on the sport-tracker build. It's been a way too long project, life and work got in the way, but we are very close. I was organizing the build photos and thought I would share the beginnings of this off the wall project. The client has asked not to post any more progress pics, I agree.
I picked this sporty up from a cat in the OC who just pampered it. Chromed out with all the nice shiny factory do dads. I didn't have the heart to tell him what we were doing with it.

Girls bike.

Rolln on 23s!


From 3D to 3D


  1. curious what you are working out in Rhino for a bike? Have'nt had to go there yet.
    Looking super cool!


  2. It's a software called Maya. Just built a simple version
    of the chassis to work out the deminsions
    of the frame, rake and wheel base. We then
    used that as a basis to draw a full scale version.
    First time I've done that. Worked out well being
    able to visualize the geometry before making
    the frame.