Sunday, May 30, 2010

Only a little bit Billy

Dennis is forever linked to the lexicon of motorcycle culture via Easy Rider, while he embraced that, motorcycles and the Easy Rider cult status wasn't his greatest contribution or accomplishment. I am no name dropper or star fucker, but I have had the good fortune of running in to and chatting with Dennis a couple times over the years. Once outside a bar in Venice he was checking out my Pan, and we spoke about bikes for a few min. This was the first time I learned "a couple brothers", his words, built the ER bikes. The second time was at an art show. This cat was in to art and his work is very note worthy.

from and interview regarding an opening of his work in New Zealand.

"It is the most important thing that ever happened to me, to be here at this museum.

"That is serious, this is not about making Easy Rider, it is about making these paintings.

"That is much more important to me than anything else that has ever happened in my life."