Sunday, June 13, 2010


I was thinking hard about how to sum up the Born Free show in as few words as possible. Mike, Grant and the rest of the crew pulled off something near impossible and to say it was a big success is an understatement.
You'll be reading all over the net about how amazing the show was, and it was, not to mention you'll be seeing a million pics of the bikes, so I'll only add to it with this:

The biggest joy I get out of the bike thing is the road and the people. THE PEOPLE! I walked around all day and saw some amazing motorcycles but what gave me the biggest grin was running in to old friends that just pulled in after being on their scoots all week on the road. They shared their riding stories with me and I could have listened to nothing but that all day.
I just wanted to hang out with all these folks over beers and listen to the road stories all night. I know that feeling well, "we made it, but man I just want to keep riding!" It's a beautiful thing.

Brian and his gang rode out from Chicago
JR and his crew zig zagged through the south to Cali.
Walt all the way from NYC area.

And many others...

It's easy to get mired in the BS of things, but seeing smiling familiar faces, happy about life on 2 wheels, brings me back to what my first love of motorcycles is all about.

Love, family, friends, 2 wheels.

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