Monday, June 7, 2010

Excuse to Ride?

I never really need an excuse to ride, but there isn't a better one than riding to catch up with friends and enjoy old scoots tearing up the dirt. I rode out Sat. to Hell on Wheels mayhem. I had nothing in mind other than riding solo and catching my zen. Once I sorted out some magneto issues I rode down and met Wil in Seal Bch. We putted down PCH, eye balln the chicks and PoPos then skirted over the Ortega Hwy to Lake Elsenore. A solid nice 200 mile round trip, good ride. It was HOT HOT man! I didn't take a lot of pictures cause I just wanted to focus on nothing really. Chris has a bunch of shots on his blog.

Wil commeting on the squirts his bike left at Hell's Kitchen.

Good ride Wil, thanks for tagging along brutha!

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