Sunday, June 6, 2010

In The Desert

Me and Kris went to the desert for a couple days. Much needed short escape from LA.

We stayed at ACE, an old reworked Howard Johnson's. First impressions are cool, you know, that hipster thing of sproosing an old place up with stuff from Ikea, then that lack of authenticity sets in and it's just .... "eh".. The pool area rocks though. When escaping from LA its always a good thing to avoid places that 20-30 somethings from LA go. While relaxing poolside with my favorite beverage, I prefer not to overhear the identity crisis types pontificate on film and mid century modern architecture while wearing funny hats and vintage t-shirts with holes in them.

As a hipster at ACE you can rent this sweet ride to pick your tragically hip friends up at the airport.The diner is an old route 66 place, cool on the surface, but when I found out there is no refills on the coffee I was like "HUH?"

Joshua Tree!

Yard art.

Not allowed in AZ, but ok to adorn the front door of any Western themed establishment.

I found a little friend while in Joshua Tree. I came back to catch em, but my walking stick spooked em.

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