Monday, June 7, 2010


In recent weeks I have been considering dropping this blog. Number one, everyone and their brother has a blog now, number two, and possibly a bit more philosophical is this:

Instead of truly living in the moment it would seem a lot of people are living the moment via technology or reliving the past of someone else's experiences. It's like a bunch of dudes sitting around telling stories and one upping each other on a better story. I am a nomad at heart and I am always drawn back to the basics. More riding and camping, less blogging and intranet masturbation. I could go on, but this is not the point of this post.

Anyhoo, on the other side of the coin it can be good entertainment, and I had no idea what tiny part this blog may do to lift some spirits. And with that being said I got this mail today and decided to keep the blog, at least for a little while longer.


Pictured from left to right:
Derek Harris, Hernandez, Moreen, Knapp, and Withrow.

Hey, my name is Derek Harris and I'm currently serving active duty.. stationed at Fort Carson, CO. Our unit is preparing for a deployment to Afghanistan, in support of OEF; for 12 months from AUG '10 - AUG '11. Here's a litte background on why I'm contacting you. My squad - 3rd Squad (Mustard Tigers), 2nd Platoon (Marauders), D Company (Darkrider), Task Force 1-66, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division - are all chopcult members and motorcycle enthusiasts. In fact, we've kind of spread the addiction to our entire platoon.. and it's moving it's way into our whole company. We even talked our Commanding Officer into buying a Heritage Softtail.. which he loves. Our company .. being DARKRIDER company has an especially big Esprit' d' corps when it comes to our biking heritage. We've even got plans to ride the whole company up to sturgis or down to daytona. As something to work toward.. almost a promise to ourselves (and a reason and motivation to get back in one peice.. and fast).. we've decided to all build custom bikes when we get back. Our platoon as started a fund to build a Platoon bike as well, and give it away to whoever does the most for his fellow soldier in Afghanistan. We were wondering if you would want to send us some stickers. We're currently contacting as many of our favorite companies as possible.. one at a time.. to try and accumulate as many stickers as possible. Not just stickers either, patches, stencils, or anything that would raise morale is extremely appreciated. It's sort of a tradition to slap stickers all over the walls of the customs office when moving into and out of country.. and as we're all huge fans of the chopper culture we'd like to show a little love.. any stickers you'd send would be hugely appreciated.. they'd also end up in: Colorado Springs, Maine, Ireland, Germany, Uzbekistan, and Afghanistan. I'm sure you know how big the love for motorcycles is in the Armed Forces. It's a huge piece of our heritage.

Also, love your blog man. We all get alot of inspiration from some of the bikes we see on there.


Derek and crew, get home safe, get those bikes together and come ride the coast.

If you would like to send stickers or other items of support you can contact Derek at


  1. Hey man. Glad to see you're keepin the blog at least for now. I hear ya. BUt I gotta say I don't see the blog thing as a chance to tell a better tale than the last guy. It's a chance to get inspired by what's happening in the wide world of choppers. It's an opportunity the old boys before us never had to build their brotherhood. Collaboration not competition. So what if everyone's doin it. Everyone's wearing pants too. but... You've got you're story to tell not theirs. As far as tryin' to live someone else's past that's just a respect thing. The vintage Polaroids of days gone by not only inspire me to live more simply, but Damn if they don't depict some classic rides as well. I love that I can see that shit. Where else would I get the opportunity? Keep it up, man I'm sure you're doin more good than harm with the click box chopper phenomenon.

  2. well cro, I really do understand what you have meant. I´m totally with you. and I didnt do a blog for the same reasons you have. but spoken by heart. I love reading your stories. watching the pictures. the ongoing process of bikebuilding. I love seeing your finished bikes coz its not possible riding them here in good ol germnay. I wish we could ride together once. keep on writing. give a shit on all of the blogs out there. I give a shit to. keep on rocking caleb. the german support!!!

  3. I'm with these guys. I vote to keep it going. Your blog definitely serves as motivation if nothing else. The shovel you did for Matt Davis was a huge inspiration for my bobber project. I never thanked you for that, so thanks a ton! We all really dig your work. Stick around for us, please!

  4. Little Brother, In the Old days all we had was the "Mags" to look at and the Ol RATS HOLE Chop show in Daytona when it was "cool". That and walkin around Main Street was really the only way to see what the talent was up too. You would see cool shit here and there and just dream about makin your scoot like that.
    When I was overseas, all we had was snail mail, Soooooo Anything that lightens the burden for the guys overseas I can tell you from my expierance makes it easier to serve.
    I am proud of you and what you have done with all the bikes you have created and how you have followed the path YOU wanted to take and didnt let anything stand in your way. I cherish the time we spent workin on your Red Shovel and ridin together in the Keys, Daytona and at Moms. One of the most important times in my life was just ridin wid ya!
    If the blog is just a Labor then toss it, but if it is still a way to express your Labors of Love (i.e. Scoots) then keep on keepin on. For me it is a way to see ya..........even if your on the wrong coast! Luv Ya man