Friday, July 23, 2010

The Brown Trout

JD's shovel cherry is officially popped! The Brown Trout lives.

1984 shovel. Last year of the shovel. I scored the basket from a long time good friend and club member up norcal way. One owner who loved it, rode it to Sturgis with his old lady on the back many mango seasons ago. The bike was pulled apart to rebuild but it got lost in the issues of life. I scored it and promised to give it a good home. Me and JD cut a deal on some work and we literally gathered up the 84 and other random parts all over my shop. The front end was a pile of about 5 front ends, the tank was an old mid 80s king sporty prototype, JD chopped it up, the fender I have no idea where that came from, wheels and odds and ends thrown in.
JD and I pulled the motor apart, had Kiyo work his love on the flywheels, took the top end of to Gerrick at Kelly's. The motor was cherry, needed next to nothing. Tranny already had been gone through, I tested it out.. JD wired it up brought it over, buttoned up the pushrods, dropped some fluids in it.. Started right up! Ran like a fucking top first go at it! JD was jumping around like a happy little school girl! AWESOME!

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