Thursday, July 15, 2010


See that big grey box with the eyeballs lookn like like HAL from 2010? That's a red light camera. They are perched up at intersections around LA and if you don't make the yellow, FLASH, in a few days you get a letter with your picture and a nice $500.00 ticket! YES, 500 bones! On my way home the other day It seems that someone clipped one and took it out. Caught the Popo's lingering over it like a dead carcass.

Never tried this stuff, but some folks say it works.


  1. Hmmm, sounds good but I just dont buy that it makes a plate more refective. If they said it defused the light I would consider it. I'm for tearing the cameras down so its not as profitable for the companys who supply them.

  2. those things fuckin suck (my town recently installed a shitload of them)... look at that cops feet; they're all outta whack, fuckin duck-lookin motherfucker