Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Birthday Weekend: The Ride

In reverse order.

Ranch house deep in the hills of Lopez Canyon

One of many creek crossings in the area. Brett did good on this one.

Matt doing some solid miles on the Pan. Ride out through Hwy 33 and 166

My poor imitation of a Josh Kurpius shot.

Kiyo's knuck cooled off.

Dan getting a little squirrely, but handling it like a pro.

Gunk in the bowl.

Murry rocking the softail chop.

Perfect weather!


  1. Sure was Kim!! Only way it would have been better is if you were with us!

  2. fuck.... why the hell didn't we just stay out there?

  3. Happy delayed Birthday !! ... just got back ... see you next month

  4. The best weekend ever bruv. And I had to wait 50 years for it too. Xxxxxx