Friday, August 27, 2010

Last Ride

Last night I took my last ride on the BS1 before it heads to London. At sunset I went down to the former site of the first American motordrome in Play Del Rey and looked out over the marsh imagining the sights and sounds of men braver than me. I tucked my head down on the tank, grab the rear leg of the springer with my left hand went back in time if for only a split second.

While the BS1 is just inspired by these race bikes of 100 years ago, it's never been lost on me that my shop sits spitting distance between the former sites of 2 of the earliest boardtracks. More on that later.

It's been a long lovely road, bitter sweet to see her go. Next stop, Brooklands


  1. Next stop brooklands... Bullshit, the widows will have that thing in the back of a van before it clears customs

  2. You may be sorry to see it go... but it gives me a better chance of seeing it for real!