Saturday, August 21, 2010

Pebble, Stones Thrown?

The more I think about the BS1 and the more it sheds it's skin in the public eye, the more I like this bike and what it is all about. I've always been a contrarian and I tend to do bold things when things around me get stale in my eyes. So taking on the project was bold for me, some of the things we did on the bike were bold. When the BS1 was invited to The Quail gathering, I was a bit taken back. I mean, this gathering is as high brow as it gets, vintage cars and motorcycles in the million dollar range that rarely ever see the road unless it's from the garage to the show. The who's who of motor sports collecting and collections gathers at this swanky affair. So, an evo powered boradtrack inspired bike in the mists of hardcore vintage, up turned noses, gave me a giggle. To be a fly on the wall when certain folks got a look at this bike in that context would have been great. That's punk rock as they say. All the feedback I got from the owner was positive.

on the lawn at The Quail gathering. photo lifted from The Vintagent.

Over the years I've always got a kick out of riding my bikes in to a show event when most everything else was on trailers. On occasion I would even write down on the show card " RIDDEN HERE". The cat's that wouldn't even crank their bikes for fear of bluing the chrome, turned their noses at me. Love it. So, the fact that the owner of the BS1 was riding the piss out of the bike and breaking it in at this swanky event makes me even that much more proud of the bike and the owner that rides it! I got the bike back a few days ago to tweak a few things before it heads to its home in London, seeing it with road grime was a good feeling.
When Conrad first spoke to me about the idea I replied " What? an evo sporty? Really?" Now, I say yeah! and evo sporty, check it! It's a daily rider.

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