Monday, August 9, 2010

Right Turn Clyde!

Sometimes, actually, most of the time, last minute rides turn out to be the best. You know, when there is very little plan if any, just get on the scoots and blow down the road? I had to trailer the BS1 up to Monterey for the Quail show next week, so I thought why not make a weekend out of it. The Philo deal was happening so a destination was set. Called up Matt, JD and asked if they wanted to tag along, ride up the coast from Monterey, meet my pal Joey in Capitola and take the long way up to The Philo gathering north of Sacto. Rode through Frisco over the Golden Gate, then through Sanoma and Napa. Discovered a couple of amazing roads on the way. Rolled in the the Philo event around 7:30, just in time for the cooler weather, beers, good friends and some amazing food cooked up by Gabe and his wife. The Tri-Tip was legendary!
About half way in to the ride in Napa I lost my camera battery, so I was iPhone for the rest of the trip. So, here are some shitty iPhone pics.
The trip back just got better. Corn fields, apple trees, one lane mountain roads, rivers, sunflowers, dragon flies, deer, getting lost, finding each other, perfect weather, no issues with the scoots, no rush, close to perfect 750ish miles ever.

Stop in Isleton for a beer and some crawdads! This place was rad, it was like riding through Mississippi at times.

Morgan Territory Road. Amazing!! 10mph most of the way. This is where we lost JD and Joey.

Top of Morgan

Smiles all weekend! Life is good!


  1. It was great seeing you guys again! Now I wish I had rode with yall down to Isleton.

  2. Blown away when ya guys rode in the back gate! "More bikes. Gonna go try and take a pic or two. Thats.... No shit! Ha! Great!"

  3. And what a great weekend it was too bruv. Always good riding with you and then the Philo to cap it all off, perfect. Actually no, wait, a couple of extra days riding around Nor Cal would of been even better. But hey ho, back to the daily grind.

  4. nice stuff! wish i was still roaming out there with you guys....

    and nice shirt JD!